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Please call 888-LGR-9393 for a screening appointment.

To qualify you need to meet the following criteria:

You must be at least 21 years old.
You are in an abusive relationship and are ready to leave or have already left
You have a horse, or other large animal that you consider part of the family, or is your working partner such as roping, barrel racing, dressage, etc. Not being able to take your horse with you to safety is keeping you “stuck”.
You agree to work with the guidelines of Littlegrass Ranch’s program.*
You agree to have NO contact with your abuser other than court mandated.
Please note that we cannot provide horse feed or any services to you if you are staying in the relationship. We do not offer equine rescue, other than equines that are associated with a client in residence.

For a current list of shelters that have accommodations for small pets, please visit: http://www.animalsandfamilies.org/shelters.html

If you have shelter needs that include horses or other livestock, contact us and we will try to find a Safe House or a fostering situation for the animals if that is not possible. Many organizations, while not having pet shelters, do work with other non-profits to board the animals of abuse victims until suitable housing can be found.

If you are being threatened please call 911, the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 or your local women’s shelter.

Littlegrass Ranch, Inc. Transitional Living Program Guidelines

Littlegrass Ranch, Inc. is a transitional living program that assists female victims of abuse move toward self sufficiency and successful living By providing free housing, horse, livestock and pet shelter each woman is given an opportunity to develop and work on her next step toward independence in a positive, safe and supportive living environment.

Cost/Fees to Client: There is no fee to receive out help, however please note that we can offer SPECIFIC assistance and that clients will be expected to seek assistance for food stamps, medical care and other needs from other agencies or furnish it themselves.

Who is Eligible?

Women of at least 21 years of age who MUST be committed to actively participating in program services and willing to follow the program guidelines and expectations.

Services Provided:

Free housing for the client – This is on a space available basis and there is a waiting list.

Free shelter and feed for the horse and pets – This is also on a space available basis and most Safe Houses only have room for one or two horses at the most. All pets must be evaluated for breed, temperament and special housing needs.

Service Coordination – assists clients in learning about and accessing needed community resources and social services.

How long is the program?

The length of time in the Littlegrass Ranch program varies depending on the individual needs of the client, typically 90 days or less. Each client is assessed twice monthly for progress and will be expected to furnish documentation of activities.

What is expected of residents? All residents will be required to:

Participate in the development of a personal service plan that outlines the goals and objectives that they hope to accomplish while in the program.
Engage in a minimum of 35 hours per week of productive activities such as attending school, working a full-time or part-time job, community service, and/or independent living skills training. Clients must document their efforts and provide proof at each service review.
Will be expected to actively seek employment and to work at least part-time. Clients are expected to contribute to housing costs and maintenance when possible
Follow program guidelines and adhere to the rules and requests of the Safe House.
Be a responsible animal owner and care for all animals daily including waste disposal. Inside pets must be kenneled when unattended. Aggressive animals are not permitted and ANY BITES must be reported.
What does it take to succeed in the program?

Participants must have a certain level of maturity and a strong willingness to work to accomplish their individual program goals and objectives and demonstrate cooperative spirits and behavior.

What are the application requirements?

A Littlegrass Ranch Application – contact us for a screening appointment
A consent form for a Criminal History Check
Provide valid ID
Proof of ownership of the animals
Proof of current Coggins for horses and vaccinations for all other animals
Proof of custody orders for minor children
Proof of income
Deal Breakers: Please read these carefully. If you can’t agree to these conditions, Littlegrass Ranch is not the place for you.We may withdraw support with or without notice if these conditions are violated.

ANY contact with the abuser, other than court mandated. This includes texts, phone calls, emails, Facebook or other social media or personal contact. Please don’t disrespect our efforts to keep you safe by contacting the person who is the reason you aren’t at home any longer.
Revealing the location of your Safe House to ANYONE. This includes your sister, mother, hairdresser, veterinarian, girlfriend or a stranger in line at the grocery store. Doing so makes you a security risk to yourself and others and you will be asked to leave.
Failure to comply with the guidelines and requests of the hosting Safe House property owner. Remember that it is a temporary situation and the hosts have been very generous to donate their property for your use. You may have to make sacrifices for a little while or adjust your daily routine to accommodate your hosts. They are doing the same for you by having you there.
We have a zero tolerance  policy for illegal drug possession and/or alcohol abuse  and you will be asked to leave immediately. Period.
Failure to care for your animals including keeping your pets from disturbing people or animals belonging to others. Any animal that is aggressive or bites a human or other animal is not permitted and the animal will have to leave. You may be asked to leave as well according to the situation.

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