Milestones for Littlegrass Ranch, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) public charity


  • Worked on database of women’s shelters across the US completed by a Schreiner student volunteer
  • Welcomed Danielle Edmondson as Development Director
  • Began working on a major fundraising event called the “Texas ChuteOut” with Wild Horse Racing & Rodeo.


  • Welcomed a new CPA
  • Volunteered at the S.A. Rodeo & Stock Show
  • Completed community service project for a handicapped couple
  • Participated in the (CSI) Community Service Infusion Day
  • Participated in the Spring Fling @ Old Ingram Loop
  • Partnered with the Purple Holster Project
  • Participated in two events: Conservation Society – Herb Fiesta in New Braunfels, TX and a Mental Health Expo – Kerrville, TX
  • Worked on education booklets
  • Began working on the database of shelters
  • Conducted a social media campaign
  • Participated in Ag Barn Market Days
  • Added a new resource. Kerrville local LPC, Carol Triola, joined the board as a “resource”
  • Assisted a family in need. Donated $250 for education fees to a needy woman and $250 in gift cards to help clothe the new members of her family


  • Volunteered for service day at the San Antonio Rodeo
  • Updated policies and procedures on web site, intake form, documents of understanding
  • Signed up for Grant Station to help us write grants
  • PBX updated with new menu and messages to make it easier for clients to contact us
  • Created a video showing our mission
  • Participated in a “give back night” with Grape Juice in Kerrville, TX
  • Participated in the first Hill Country “Big Give” as part of the Big Give SA
  • Displayed profiles of board members on LGR web site – visitors needed to know who we are and that our cause is different and needs support
  • Created a LinkedIn page for LGR
  • Voted and approved short- and long-term goals reflected in our Mission Statement & Vision
  • Voted in permanent Secretary (was “acting” secretary)
  • Voted in permanent Treasurer
  • New Board Chair officially voted in in March 2015
  • Boosted board insurance policy from $500,000 to $1 M
  • New Org chart created with director positions and responsibilities
  • Became an ACTHA Trail Ride Host and have a 4-ride Buckle Series scheduled for October 2015


  • Represents the National SAF-T effort in Kerrville, Texas
  • Takes our mission to a national level with an interview by the Associated press
  • Corporate Rookie of the Year Award for volunteering at the San Antonio Rodeo


  • Continues to shelter victims, horses, and dogs in safe houses
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of Architecture and Design completes design and renderings for proposed sustainable facility
  • Kansas State University includes Littlegrass Ranch in a national study on sheltering animals with victims of abuse
  • Represents Texas in the third National SAF-T Day with a Meet and Greet the horses and info day.
  • Check back to see where we go. And remember, we can use your help to get there!  Donate to Littlegrass Ranch


  • Receives grant from Austin Community Foundation for victims assistance and building
  • Assists 14 women who live outside of Texas with referrals and planning
  • Works with Texas Council on Family Violence and the National Hot Line (both in Austin) to refine our application and procedures
  • Assists Austin Animal Services with livestock rescued out of domestic violence cases by sheltering several animals
  • Networks with shelters in Ohio, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and North Carolina to find resources for clients
  • Represents Texas in the third National SAF-T Day with a pony ride, dog fashion show and auction held at Joshua Springs Park, featured on WOAI television
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of Architecture and Design volunteers to do the architectural design with input of 6 women’s shelters focus group in Louisiana


  • First clients are placed in safe houses
  • Many public appearances doing pony rides, talks to service organizations
  • Articles in newspapers, magazines, radio and tv interview
  • Assist the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department with horse rescues
  • Receives grants from WalMart, DESCO Coatings of Olathe, Kansas, Pipeline Pigging Products of Houston, TX, Amvets Kerrville Chapter and is the recipient of two private arts & performance fundraisers in Fredericksburg
  • Featured in national webinar by Allie Phillips
  • Represents Texas in the second National SAF-T Day with a pony ride and info day in Kerrville
  • Partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of Architecture and Design for facility architecture


  • Littlegrass Ranch incorporated and 501(c)(3) status attained
  • Website launched and calls started coming in from women across the country
  • Referral network established
  • First fundraiser held–trail ride and silent auction
  • Partners with Allie Phillips, national advocate for Pets and Womens Shelters (now and represents Texas in the first National SAF-T Day with a pony ride and info day in Kerrville


  • Formed by Christie Kitchens as a project of the Horse Connection, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Fredericksburg with a grant from Partners In Ministry
  • Stephanie George becomes co-founder and first Board Chairperson
  • Barbara McCormack and Lisa VanZant  join to form the first board and start the process of becoming a public charity