How does one qualify for consideration by Littlegrass Ranch?

Our special mission requires that the main criteria is that the woman seeking assistance has a horse or other large animal that is at risk if left behind. Due to our focus and limited accommodations, victims without large animals are encouraged to seek other organizations for assistance.

What animals will Littlegrass Ranch accept for shelter?

At this point, we are mainly set up for accepting one or two horses, which must be owned by the client. Other possibilities are llamas, alpacas, camels etc. Exotics species are evaluated on a individual basis.

What if she doesn’t have a large animal, but does have smaller pets such as dogs or cats?

The first criteria is that the woman seeking assistance has a horse or other large animal that is at risk if left behind. Then, if she also has small animals such as a dog, cat, ferret, etc., they may be included. We will offer referrals to existing shelters in the United States that do accept domestic pets. Please visit this link for the most recent list of shelters that accept pets.

Why do they have to have a horse or large animal to be accepted?

There are currently about 1500 domestic violence shelters in the US. About 70 (and the list is growing) have some provisions for small pets. Littlegrass Ranch is the only one focusing on the needs of horsewomen, many of whom live in rural areas and have no other options.

I would like to support the mission of Littlegrass Ranch. What is the best way to do that?

We always welcome dedicated volunteers, financial donations, and useful items. Always, unrestricted cash donations are most helpful as we can direct those funds to where the needs are greatest.

We are all volunteers.

Currently we pay NO salaries and NO administrative overhead. 100% of your donation goes directly to the victims and to supporting our mission. Here are our three major funding areas:

Victims Assistance Fund is used to pay for expenses such as rent, gas, groceries, feed, hay, and vet bills.
Operating Fund helps cover stationery, stamps, printing, Internet, computers, and contract labor.
Housing Fund contributions go towards building our future facility. It is also used for anything related to housing current clients until permanent facilities are built. This includes construction or repairs to modify existing structures, and the purchase and maintenance of temporary shelters such as camping trailers.
What is your current Wish List?

Our large needs include old camping trailers, fifth wheels, horse panels, portable sheds, and hot wire setups. With these resources, we can place clients in temporary locations quickly and with minimal expense.

Smaller helpful items include lead ropes, halters, hoof picks, brushes, shampoo and conditioner, feed scoops, and horse treats.

I am interested in volunteering. What do I need to know?

We are seeking board members who have needed areas of expertise. These include experience in fundraising, law, marketing, nonprofit leadership, livestock, and social networking.

Currently we rely on volunteers for a variety of jobs. You can help us with maintaining facilities, compiling databases, public speaking to tell our story, or general office work. Volunteers can be based anywhere.

Please contact us with your questions.

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