Donate $ and Stuff

We appreciate your donations!

There are three funds that we gratefully accept donations for:

1. Victims Assistance:

These funds cover shelter expenses for women and their animals. This might be rent, horse and pet feed, costs to transport a horse, and temporary needs until services with other agencies can be established.

3. Operating Expenses:

All the work at Littlegrass Ranch gets done by volunteers so there are no salaries to pay. Expenses include postage, printing, internet, post office box rent, insurance, office supplies, telephone service and fund raising needs.

4. Building Fund:

This fund is set aside for property acquisition and related expenses for building development.

Donate Stuff:

Got stuff you aren’t using? Here is a list of things we are looking for. All donations are tax deductible.

For operations:

Computer equipment:

Mac or PC laptops
Good desktop system
Tablets capable of running presentations if attached to a projector
For horses:

Portable panels
Portable shelters
Horse equipment
Hay, feed and medications (womers, shots, first aid supplies)
For women:

Gift cards that can be used for personal items, toiletries, etc.
Gift certificates for hair cuts to maintain personal appearance for job interviews or work