The next step: what happens now that you’ve left the relationship?

Participants in Littlegrass Ranch’s program are expected to work on their own personal service plan with a coach, including weekly meetings to review progress and set goals.  The average amount of time spent with us is 90 days (or less)and much can be accomplished in even a short time.

Why “coaching” and not “counseling”? Aren’t they the same thing?

Here are the differences between these two powerful professions

Counseling is more focused on solving painful problems from the past
Coaching is more about finding creative ways to reach your potential in the future
Counseling guides clients toward experiencing relief through recovery
Coaching is driven by one word- results in people’s lives
Counseling helps people to build supports to stabilize their life
Coaching guides clients toward strategic ways to maximize their life
Counseling develops healthy emotions and relationships to experience peace
Coaching builds healthy patterns with accountability to experience personal power
We encourage our clients to seek counseling to balance the process.

From “Cowgirl Smarts: How to Rope a Kickass Life”

The Cowgirl Creed
1. Dare to be a cowgirl
2. Buck the rules
3. Stay balanced in the saddle
4. Ride the trail of adventure
5. Dream as big as Texas
6. Be tough, but be feminine
7. Attack life like it’s a 1000 lb. steer
8. Saddle your own horse
9. Rein in your fears
10. Dress for success – the cowgirl way
11. Ride high in the saddle
12. Ride high, but stay grounded
13. Give others a leg up
14. Always get back on the horse
15. Ride beside your man
16. Recharge your cowgirl spirit
17. Die with your boots on

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