Littlegrass Ranch is no longer operating as before but will come back to share information that we gathered over the last seven years. The need is real and continues to grow and we encourage horse people everywhere to consider starting programs to accommodate women and their horses. To everyone that offered encouragement, volunteered with us, donated time and money, we thank you.

Of the women who go to shelters, an astounding 83% of them report that their abuser had either harmed or killed the family pets. However, out of the 1500 women’s shelters in the US, fewer than 100 accept the pets belonging to victims of domestic abuse.

There are at least a million women that no shelter has ever considered. Those women are horsewomen – barrel racers, dressage riders, working cowgirls, breeders, trainers and those women whose horses are family. They are also victims of domestic violence, and most likely their horses and other animals are too.

The numbers show the desperate need for horsewomen to have a shelter of their own that is horse savvy and understanding of their relationship and commitment to their horses.



% of women that go to shelters and report their abuser had harmed or killed their pets


% of people who will not leave their pets behind, even at peril of their own lives


% of horses and horse businesses owned worldwide by women